Wheels In Motion

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Newsletter No.12

March 16, 2018

Wheels in Motion

The DS4 is back. We have a new album coming soon, and the title track, “Sweet Georgina”, is released as a single today. [link?]

Georgina is the patron saint of the DS4 - and of musicians everywhere: “A woman of grace, a creature of youth/A master of rhyme, she told me the truth.”

The album was produced and recorded by George Taylor in Resident Studios, Willesden and Clun in the Shropshire Hills.

We will soon be announcing a bunch of gigs and launching our own YouTube channel with new videos and playlists.

We’ve also launched our new website today. Check it out and keep in touch at the usual address: www.davidsinclairfour.com

“Sweet Georgina loves you all”




David Sinclair