Sick Of Being Good

From the album 4

David Sinclair - 4

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© 2015 Critical Discs/IRL

America, Here's My Boy

Single - written by Beck

David Sinclair - America, Here's My Boy

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© 2012 Critical Discs/Proper

Living Like A Yo-Yo

From Take Me There

David Sinclair - Take Me There

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© 2011 Critical Discs/Proper

Eight Rounds Later

From Threewheeling

David Sinclair - Threewheeling

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© 2008 Critical Discs/Proper

Going To Do Something

From Hey

David Sinclair - Hey

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© 2006 Critical Discs/Proper

All songs written by David Sinclair and published by Spirit Music and Media/Eagle-i Music except America, Here’s My Boy written by Beck Hansen and published by Kobalt Music Publishing America Inc.